Travel videos are a great way to re-live memories of place you visited. Our travel community is always on the lookout for awe-inspiring travel videos to get you in the mood for your next travel. These are the best 10 travel videos of all time. Every time we watch one we want to pack our bags and travel the world. Warning! these videos may lead in extreme cases to adventures. So start packing.

1. Travel video – Watchtower of Turkey

A true masterpiece. This is by far the best travel video we’ve ever seen. Leonardo Dalessandri is a true artist. In this video he travelled 3500 km in 20 days, capturing landscapes from the bluish tones of Pamukkale to the warm ones of Cappadocia, the all passing by a great variation of colors, lights and weathers through six other cities.

2. Travel video – There and Back Colombia

One of the most unique travel videos out there. We experience a traveler’s real-life journey to Colombia from a unique visual perspective as he engages with the welcoming people, vibrant places, and unforgettable moments that can only be found in this beautiful country.

Colombia has not always been a country you would consider as a holiday option. But in 2018 it become a popular travel destination.

3. Travel video –The road story Vietnam

Vietnam is one of Southeast Asia’s most beautiful countries, attracting travellers to its lush mountains, bustling cities, golden sand beaches and its people.

This video shows the journey of Georgy & his brother through Vietnam. 45 days of adventures & breathtaking moments. It’s time to book your next trip 😉

4. Travel video – For that moment in India

India. You either love it or hate it. There is no in between. Great food, Great architecture, the people, the madness, the holy festivals, great colours and the contradictions… it’s easy to fall in love with India.

Especially when going to the south of India where everything seems so totally upside down, yet unknown and thrilling. This video helps us discover the colourful places, chaotic moments, crazy bus drives and spicy foods.

5. Travel video – LAOS

Often overlooked in favour of its better-known neighbours and still largely undiscovered, Laos is truly a hidden gem. This travel video shows why Laos is one of the most beautiful countries in the world with some of the friendliest people.



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