5 Reasons Why You Should Skip Gili Trawangan

Who doesn’t know Gili T? It’s titled as the party island, everyone seems wanting to go there. As someone who enjoys secluded beautiful beaches and good party till drop (occationally, lol), I will give you 5 main reasons why you should skip Gili Trawangan and go to its neighbor islands, Gili Meno and Gili Air or just go straight to Lombok mainland.

Gili Trawangan why 21.It’s overcrowded

When the boat is docked, you will see several other boats docking and so you know that this tiny island is filled with more people. You will also see lots of people in the port. Like for real, I was surprised on how crowded it was when I came. The downtown area is the crowded area because almost all restaurants and inns are here.

2.Everything is expensive

The inns have rational prices in my opinion but the restaurants are more expensive here, not only good but also bad restaurants. I remember I paid Rp 40.000 (US$ 3) for what they call “macaroni and cheese” which turned out to be macaroni topped with shredded cheap cheese that tasted like nothing. The bicycle rent is also expensive for half day till dawn, the price is equal to the renting price for motorbike in Bali mainland for a full day (about Rp 50.000/US$ 4). The cidomo (horse-drawn carriage) is the worst, I rent it once just to go to The Exile which took only about 10 minutes and paid Rp 100.000 (US$ 9). The prices in

3.Not a party island

I thought the party will be rad here but eventually not as I expected. As far as I know, all clubs and bars close at midnight. In this case, I feel like the title of “party island” is just a bull. You know, even the parties in Kuta and Seminyak in Bali are better. You can party till the morning, till drop.

4.Freaking hot and humid

I love sunny days, especially at the beach but somehow this place is the hottest place I’ve been too. I came in August/September and the sun shines all day long, no rain at all. Sounds great right? But no, there is no wind so this is the reason why I felt so hot there even under the shades. Also, the humidity caused by the evaporation of the sea water along with the crowd in the island make it worse, even hotter.


5.It’s dirty

Like most of the crowded places, this island is dirty because apparently the tourists don’t have sense of responsibility to their trashes. The street which basically unpaved is also the reason. Local people splash water on the street to reduce the hotness in sunny days (I guess) which cause the soil turns into mud and you have to be careful when you walk, avoiding the mud or else you will get dirty feet. I remember, my feet got splashed by mud because I accidentally stepped on it so I needed to clean my feet when I got back to my inn.


So, that is all the reasons why I won’t be back to Gili T but may be back to its neighbor island which apparently have cheaper prices and less people. Yes, I was in Gili Meno and Gili Air too because I took a snorkeling tour which includes islands hopping but I stayed in Gili Trawangan. I hope this helps you make a good decision…



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