5 Tips for a Venetian Getaway

Things to do in Venice

Venice, Italy

The infinite canals, bright facades, and romantic restaurants will leave anyone wanting to go back to Venice. This was my second time visiting, and I felt just as much charm and love for this sinking city as the first time. The only difference was, now I knew the little tips and tricks to make my experience even better.

Things to do in Venice


The beauty of Venice lies in the back alleys. While places like the Rialto Bridge and Piazza San Marco are a must-see, don’t spend that much time there! Instead, drop your map and wander. If I saw a crowd of people to the right, I would immediately turn left. As soon as I escaped the tourists Venice became a quaint, peaceful city. Tip: follow the pathways along the Grand Canal to find secret docks, perfect for photo-seekers.

Things to do in Venice ITaly


The first time I visited Venice I didn’t even consider leaving the main island. Little did I know, Venice has much more to explore. Hop on the ferry for an hour ride over to the vibrant island of Burano.

This little fishing village is filled with colorful homes and boat-lined canals. I could not stop taking pictures! Tip: wear neutral colors to match perfectly with your rainbow surroundings. Your pictures will not disappoint!

While I only had time to visit Burano, I would have loved to check out the other islands such as Murano, Lido, or Torcello. Murano is the most popular of the three as it’s famous for Venetian glass making. Tip: Stay in a hotel or airbnb closer to the ferry ports so it’s an easier day trip to the different islands.


Since Venice is a huge tourist destination, finding amazing Italian food isn’t as simple as you would think. Research beforehand is an absolute must! While it’s easy to pop into a restaurant off a busy canal, these are unfortunately some of the more touristy spots. Tip: stray away from restaurants that have a menu in every language.

Although I did a ton of research, I didn’t end up eating at a single place on my list! Instead, I immersed myself. If I passed an adorable restaurant while exploring during the day, I would write it down and look it up later. I’d even step into restaurants and listen if I heard Italian all around me. Talking to the locals was also informative and a trust-worthy source of information! Tip: Every menu in Venice is almost identical, so don’t rely on just that to know where to go.

These are some of the tips I wish I knew the first time I visited the beautiful city of Venice. I hope they are helpful and make your trip a memorable one! You can follow me on Instagram for more travel inspiration.

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