Avenue of Baobabs | Madagascar

Avenue of Baobabs

Avenue of Baobabs

When you are landing in Madagascar, you start feeling a tingling in your stomach. From the sky, you start to see a country that feels like you will land on Mars.

Madagascar is indescribable even before you land. As Madagascar is a huge country I will just focus on one of the many reasons why to visit his amazing land.

Avenue of Baobabs

The Avenue of Baobabs are trees known also as “tree of life” and can live up to 5.000 years, reach up to 30 meters high. These trees are prehistoric species and the symbol of Africa.

The Avenue of the Baobabs is a 20-25 min drive from the city of Morondava. Morondava is a city located on the west coast of the island of Madagascar. A trip from the capital, Antananarivo to Morondava by car takes approximately 12 – 14 hours

Getting to The avenue of Baobabs.

Avenue of Baobabs

The avenue of Baobabs is only visited from the city of Morondava. To get to Morondava you would have to take a plane from the capital, Antananarivo, or rent a car with a private driver.

Also, you could get there by public transport but that is something I do not recommend at all because it might be really dangerous and difficult if you do not speak any French, plus it might take too much time as Madagascar is an undeveloped country.

Where to stay and where to eat

Avenue of Baobabs

The only place to stay around the Avenue of Baobabs is the city of Morondava. It is easy to arrange a place to stay through the agency where you hire the private driver since he drives you to the front of your hotel, they also help you to choose hotels.

We stayed at this cozy place known as Trecicogne Hotel ( very cheap and clean, 7-8 euro a night), It had amazing sunrise views. The Baobab Hotel is a more upscale option, it has a pool and a restaurant. There are quite a few places to choose from in Morondava and very affordable.

I would recommend eating always at hotels. As westerns are not used to the Malagasy food could cause illness. If you do hire the private driver he will tell you which restaurants are good to eat and where do not eat.

Best time to visit the Avenue of Baobabs.

The best time to visit the Avenue of Baobabs is at sunset. The contrast of the sunset with the shadows of the trees is breathtaking! Those memories are something that is never forgotten. There are really not many tourists normally so you can take stunning photos!

As a tip: Bring some candy to give the Children! As soon as you arrive at the Avenue, the children are ready to run after you so you can take photos of them. They ask for money or candy. So I recommend you give them some candy! They become so happy! The happiness you give them by doing that is priceless.

Avenue of Baobabs

How much time do you need there

Madagascar is a country where you can´t do many things in a few days. Only to have as destination the Avenue of Baobabs you would have to need a minimum of 4 days if you hire a car or 2 days by plane, but because the airplane system is bad you never know if the plane gets canceled so I would recommend having more days in between. Even though you only need 2-3 hours in the Avenue of Baobabs.

Avenue of Baobabs

The Avenue of Baobabs feels like another world. It is something so unique, nowhere else in the world will one find anything like it. The atmosphere is incredible. It s one of those places that easily takes your breath away. The Avenue of Baobabs is worth visiting at least once in a lifetime.

By Karla Tomaselli


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