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I think the most important thing is to be in a good mood and enjoy life, wherever you are.
And so we did, me, my girlfriend and my best friend decided to spend 20 days in 6 different cities and islands of Indonesia.

In this heavenly natural place most of the people we met lived in misery. But what struck me most was the way life was dealt with, if you have the chance to go you will find the poorest BUT  happiest people in the world.


Our first shortstop was Kuta, south of Bali. The city is certainly more touristy, where we found many fascinating temples. In particular, the Tana Loth temple which is one of the 3 water temples in Bali. Here we used a “sarong”, a sacred garment that we always had to wear at the entrance to each temple.

Kuta Tanah lot


After these few days in Kuta, we headed towards the true Indonesian culture. To move from one place to another we always used Grab , an application that allowed us to eat, take a taxi or find cheap tourist guides.

With less than $ 10 and over an hour of travel, we finally arrived in Ubud. Here the Hindu culture of people has allowed us to get to know another aspect of Indonesia. People believe in Karma and reincarnation, that’s why during their life they respect 3 fundamental principles of life: people, nature, and animals.

Precisely from these 3 principles, most of the natural beauties that surround this spiritual city depend.
Our magnificent Hotel was in front of the Rice terrace, where in the morning we could admire the processing of rice and a fascinating natural landscape.

Hotel rice fields indonesia

Our itinerary included:

Monkey Sacred Forest where we could admire over 700 funny monkeys playing among themselves in a beautiful natural scenery.

monkey indonesia

Lotus Temple was a small temple that contains lotus pond, a fairly small place but where we could take lots of photos and enjoy a coffee in the whole temple bar.

Tegalang Rice terrace is a must to do, we felt almost in a movie where the immense green rice fields enveloped us. We walked for over 1½ hours between the various paths of the rice fields where we could enjoy a magnificent view.

Tegalang Cafè Restaurant gave us the chance to eat with a view on the rice fields, in a surreal atmosphere where we also had the opportunity to fly among the laughter with the bali swing.

indonesia bali

Nungnung Waterfall exceeded all our expectations . A natural waterfall that is reached after walking over 1000 steps and 45 minutes. A breathtaking view, where we witnessed a marriage proposal in the icy waters of the waterfall.

Nungnung Waterfall  indonesia bali

Ulun Danu Bratan Temple was one of the most touristic times, but where you can admire one of the sacred Hindu temples in the water.

Wanagiri Hidden Hills also called Love nest, ideal place for me and my girlfriend. Here we could use the nest as a place of absolute relaxation, and to do some instagrammable photos.

Lempuyang temple is a couple of hours from Ubud. This place contained 7 temples connected to each other, where we could admire a paradisiacal view thanks to the Heaven gate.

 Lempuyang temple bali indonesia


Now, it was time to enjoy Indonesia’s most beautiful tropical islands. Through the Fast Boat we headed to Lombok Kuta, south of Lombok.

Most of the population contained surfers and Hindus, where freedom and happiness among people was contagious.

Sandals, swimsuits and scooters for over 10 days were the obligatory outfit to use. During these 10 days we enjoyed sunset view, heavenly beaches and fresh seafood.


This island was charged to relax, so that there was no crime and consequently police in the streets. Among the vast beaches visited those that have impressed us are: Pantai Mangkung and Pantai Mawun.

swing indonesia white beach

Intrigued by the surfer culture we also visited Pantai Mawi, a magnificent atmosphere between waves and typical food (based on chicken and rice). We are only transported by the sea breeze, between the rides of the surfers and the sunset that sank in front of our eyes.

We finally fell in love with this island thanks to the boat trip to the 3 minor Gilies of the east. Here we have discovered Pink Beach, a pink colored beach thanks to the coral reef that has been destroyed over time and the nice monkeys that accompanied our trip.

We concluded our boat tour on Pantai Pasir Putih, where the famous movie “Pirates of the Caribbean” was filmed. We felt right in a movie, where a strip of sand stood in the middle of nothing on the immense Ocean.

beach indonesia

Last part

Our tour ended with the last 4 days at Gili Island, easily reachable from the port of Sengigi Lombok (North of Lombok Island). Once in Gili Trawangan, we immediately immersed ourselves in the culture of the Island.

No type of vehicle could be used, and we immediately got a bicycle. We immediately circumnavigated this earthly paradise in 30 minutes.

In the morning we could only wake up and enter the water with our beloved giant turtles and clown fish. Every morning at 9 o’clock the turtles had breakfast in the famous Turtle point, where we could swim and take pictures with them.

The other two days we dedicated them to Gili Air and Gili Meno, where beaches made of white sand allowed us to enjoy incredible seabeds. These excursions allowed us to do some diving experiences where we could touch wilder animals like sharks from closer.

A place still unexplored, in which the human hand fortunately can not get so easily that has allowed us to experience the best natural places ever seen before. A culture that sees peace & love as the main values ​​of their lives, and from which we could learn a lot.

by Alessandro Gallo from @iamalessandrogallo



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