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Certainly most of you have watched The Hangover Part I! What do you think about this city in this film? Basically, I associated this city with ubiquitous chaos and terrible heat.

When I visited this place myself, I did not think that this city was so well depicted in the film!

They say Bangkok drawns in. That this city you can love or hate. And I agree in 100%! This city is full of contrasts, reminiscent sinusoid. When you are delighted with the place, in a moment you want to escape as far as possible

The first hours in Bangkok

After the wonderful Chiang Mai, were heavy. Terribly stifling air and there is no way to escape to the sea, to cool down a bit. For this a mixture of different scents in the air: delicious food, which in a moment connects with the smell of durian, or worse odors. The road from the airport looks like a jungle ride, but a concrete one. Thai people in Bangkok are still nice, but somehow different. They also smile differently. The number of tourists in this place is so big that they are simply tired.

The plan is simple – we want to see the famous Khao San Road. The biggest party in this city. During the day – Silence, peace, some tired people wandering on the street. In the evening! This place changes completely. From each pub you can hear different music, the enormity of street food can make you dizzy. The transition from one end of the road to the other may take some time. The number of people is overwhelming, ridiculously disguised Thai, encouraging you to enter them for the party. But this place has its own unique atmosphere!

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Transport in Bangkok is also not an easy task. Taxi? No problem – but be prepared for waiting in traffic. It is one of the most crowded cities in the world. Remember to take a taxi with a taximeter. The taximeter can show the price of THB 70, and the price of a taxi driver is, for example, THB 250! Another means of transport – tuk tuk. This is a mandatory point to be experienced. Tuk  tuk drivers can squeeze into the smallest empty gap on the road to get there as soon as possible. That’s why you should be extremly careful. You never know in which direction the driver will turn suddenly, and then almost the whole vehicle tilts to one side!

Bangkok temple Wat Arun Temple


In Bangkok, there are ferries running on the Chao Phraya River. We tried to understand their way of shuttle on the river, but unfortunately it did not work out. We ended up being able to swim between the Grand Palace and the Wat Arun Temple. Looking for an entrance to the ferry near our accommodation, we entered a poorer neighborhood. And on the one hand, you see the golden temple, and on the other hand, people who make ends meet. Contrast is chasing the contrast.

Bangkok temple Wat Arun Temple

Another example, we visit Wat Arun – a stunning temple, which was established in the years 1350-1767. You turn your head to the right and suddenly you see a lot of tall skyscrapers. They do not really match the place where you are now!

Bangkok hangover harbor Harbour


Do you remember this view at the Hangover in Bangkok when the panorama of the city from the high skyscraper is shown? This view delighted me the most. When we were on the 84th floor of the Baiyoke Sky Hotel, I had goose bumps! That’s when I felt that I was in Bangkok. The view of this city at night is stunning. Bangkok at night is completely different than during the day. More pleasant, more accessible and open. What’s important, you feel safe in it!

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view Bangkok city asia night

Unfortunately, it also has its dark side – sex tourism is thriving. The number of older men with young women, and sometimes even non-adult girls, is huge! In Thailand it is common, such women are considered resourceful. Often, they unfortunately have a family to support. According to Buddhism, these deeds will be rewarded in their next life.

I can write a lot more about Bangkok. I can only say that – I love this city! When I wanted to leave as soon as possible in the first hours, later my reluctance towards this city was diminishing. At this point, I would give a lot, for fresh pomegranate juice and coconut ice cream. And for the noise on the streets and these people. Bangkok, I’ll be back as soon as possible!

By Aleksandra Malczyk from @aleksandramalczyk

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