Bay of Kotor | The Pearl of Adriatic

Things to do in Bay Kotor

Bator of Kotor

On the southwest of the Montenegro, tucked beneath the mountains, lays the beautiful Bay of Kotor or simply ‘Boka’ how locals call it. With it’s winding roads, picturesque medieval towns and deep blue sea, it is a real gem of the Adriatic Sea.

What to do in Bay of Kotor

With the shoreline of 107km, Boka is best explored by car. You can drive around the serpentine roads, visit different tiny towns and discover many hidden beaches. Here are my top tips to make the most of your time here:

Visit the Old City of Kotor

Kotor is located in the most inner part of the bay, for which the whole bay got it’s name. It’s the old medieval town, surrounded by stone walls and fortress climbing to the hills of mountain Lovcen.

You can see a lot of venetian influence in the architecture, since Kotor was part of the Venetian Republic for 3 centuries. Go visit St Tryphon’s Cathedral and Clock Tower located near the main entrance of the city.

Things to do in Bay Kotor

If you are cat lover, you will love Kotor! Every few meters you can see cats laying around and having siesta. There is even a cat museum for the biggest fans. My favorite thing to do in Kotor is just roaming around it’s cobblestone streets, getting lost and discovering hidden nooks.

Climb the Kotor Fortress

If you are adventurous type and enjoy active vacation, you should have a small hike to the top of Kotor Fortress. Hike takes around 1 hour with smaller breaks and it’s best to do it early in the morning or before sunset, since it can get very hot during the day.

On your way up there, you will pass along small church so you can also finish the hike there if climbing to the top is too much for you. However, view from the top castle is magnificent, ideal spot for that insta-perfect photo.

Things to do in Bay Kotor

What to Eat

If you love sea food like me, Boka will be heaven for you! Choose from grilled octopus, mussels, shrimps or freshly caught fish from the morning. Most restaurants will alter their menu depending on what they caught that day so you should always ask waiter for the daily specials. If you’re not big fan of the fish, don’t worry! Selection of pasta dishes and pizzas is also good.

Where to stay

The best way to experience the spirit of Boka is to stay in a private house. Your hosts may often times offer to take you on a boat ride along the bay and even cook you dinner.

You should look for houses directly on the coast since they have their own private dock where you can sunbathe and jump to the sea. We found ours on Airbnb, it was in a little town of Orahovac, 20 minute ride from the city of Kotor.

Where to stay in Bay Kotor

Where to Swim

Boka is best known for it’s many coves with pebble stone beaches along it’s cost. Some of the bigger ones are Zanjice, Njivice and Morinj. If you’re looking for a more high-end experience check out Bajova Kula, where you can rent sunbeds and order fruit platter and cocktails.

Where to swim in Bay Kotor

If you get tired of the bay and want to look at the open sea, go to Plavi Horizonti Beach. It’s located outside of the bay, and it’s just 30 minute ride from Kotor. I always look for the little coves at the edge of the beach, under the pine trees.

They are more secluded and quiet, perfect if you want to relax and read a book and have a quick access to the cliffs for jumping.

Visit Perast

Perast is another beautiful town in Boka mostly famous for it’s two little islands, one natural – Our Lady of the Rocks, and one man made – St George.

Every year locals traditionally carry stones with their boats to the St George island so it doesn’t sink. There are also rides for tourists which will take you to the islands or you can even go on full-day cruise along the bay.

Bay of kotor things to do

Enjoy your time

With it’s small towns along the cost, narrow streets and curvy roads, Boka will transport you to some past times. It is truly the pearl of Adriatic!

By Mina Aradski

Go follow her on Instagram @Miinnieme and comment below if you have any questions for Mina.



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