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Sharing your inspiration is half the fun and here at Travel community we absolutely adore seeing places from your perspective.
So if you’ve ever wanted to contribute, here are some ways of making that happen.

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Here are some ways of making that happen.

Travel video:

All video submissions must be in the form of a YouTube or Vimeo video.

Please include the basic information about your trip — how long you visited the place, why you were there and what made it so unique. You can submit by sending an email to [email protected] 

Guidelines for a Travel blog:

  • All submissions should be at least 500 words (but feel free to write more!).
  • All stories/essays should be written in first person point of view. You’re writing about your own experience, so it will sound more natural if you tell the story like you’d tell a friend.
  • Choose a tense and stick with it. Past or present tense is fine, but you should stay consistent throughout your story.
  • Write in short sentences. Don’t feel the need to create sentences with many clauses and parentheses.
  • Stick to the language you’d use if telling the story to a friend.
  • Use at least 3 square / vertical photo’s.
  • Check spelling/grammar one more time before you submit.
  • Please submit new, original content or a story from your blog that you have completely re-written for Travelcommunity. We do not publish duplicate content, duplicate content affects both our site and your site in Googles rankings.
  • keep your paragraphs between 3-6 sentences. Short online paragraphs hold reader’s attention better.
  • Include relevant titles written in capital letters
  • Include relevant links for restaurants, hotels and tourist attractions in your post.
  • Looking for inspiration on what to write? Check: travel blogs

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