Things you should do in Cuba

Havana streets

Cuba is a perfect country for making a road trip. It has a fascinating culture and beautiful landscape. I felt very welcome and safe in Cuba. I went to Cuba in march 2017 for two weeks. I could stay there for a month and even then I couldn’t see the whole country. I definitely want to go back to Cuba one day.

The old streets of Havana

Havana streets

My trip started for two days in Havana. I have seen the touristic parts like: Old Havana, The Morro Castle, El Capitolo, Marcelon and of course all the stunning old cars. On every corner you will see these old cars in all sort of colors.

If you want to take a ride in an old car, you have to haggling. Or paying the full price. They know that you are a tourist so they know the price you have to pay for everything.

Things to do in cuba Havana

The landscape in Viñales

Viñales was the most beautiful part that I saw in Cuba. The view and landscape was breathtaking. I rent a casa particular which is a private room in people their house. In Viñales there are more than 900 Casa Particulars. It is a small Village in the tale of Cuba. You can walk or ride on a horse with a guide through the valley of Viñales.

This village is also famous because of their cigars. In the valley you can see all tobacco field and the houses where they making the cigars. Tip: go to a real cigar store to buy the original Cuban cigars. Never buy the cigars from the street because they are not real.

Spanish influence in Cienfuegos and Trinidad

Driving through the coast to Cienfuegos. This town has Gorgeous Buildings and a lot of Spanish influence. Not so strange if you know the history of Cuba. After Cienfuegos I went to Trinidad. This is a colorful town and very popular by tourists. Trinidad is very small and you can visit the town in one day.

Trinidad is totally different that all the other towns in Cuba. They play music on the streets and in the bars. People on the streets invite you for dinner. Of course you have to pay for that. Like all things in Cuba. People are doing everything to earning some money.

Further on the road

After Trinidad my road trip was going to Santa Clara, the home town of Che Guevara. I only visit this town so see the revolution square and the statue of Che Guevara. And my last stop was on the beach of Varadero. I didn’t planned to go to Varadero but I booked the wrong trip. Varadero is one big resort and Cuban people can only come in this town to work. That is not my thing. I like to meet people and having a conversation with them.

I have seen so many awesome things in Cuba. It was one big adventure. Most people saying; you love Cuba or you hate it. I definitely love it!

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