The beauty of Gili T

gili Trawangan bali indonesia

Gili Trawangan otherwise known as Gili T, is one of Bali’s most popular destinations and after spending a good few days there, we can definitely see why. It offers beautiful beaches, incredible snorkelling, some really delicious restaurants and then the perfect sunset. You can’t really ask for much more. Although Gili T is the largest […]

Enchanted Myanmar

travel video myanmar

TRAVEL VIDEO MYANMAR Wander around enchanted lakes, into fairy ancient towns blanketed in mysterious mist and you will be smitten with the delicate and sincere beauty of Myanmar. Go beyond the sparkling golden pagodas or the beautiful beaches and let the gentle winds guide your hot-air balloon on the best ride in the air you ever […]

CAMBODIA: Stronger Than Before

travel video cambodia

TRAVEL VIDEO CAMBODIA Less than half a century ago, two million Cambodians were atrociously killed through work, starvation and torture. Saldy, this is their past. History aside, Cambodia is an amazing country with beautiful people, unique landmarks and divine cultures. Whilst not forgotten, Cambodians embrace their wounded past as it gives them an unmatched strength to […]

for that moment in India

travel video india

TRAVEL VIDEO INDIA I travel to change my view. There is no better way to see things from a different perspective than by traveling. Especially when going to the south of India where everything seems so totally upside down, yet unknown and thrilling. The colourful places, chaotic moments, crazy bus drives and spicy foods have added […]

twelve days in Oman

travel video oman

TRAVEL VIDEO OMAN We drove over 4200 km across the unexplored and beautiful country of Oman. We made friends with young and old Omanis, discovered absolutely stunning landscapes and captured our entire experience in this film. Together with my friends Lucas, Dominik and Vivi, we explored the Sultanate of Oman in the course of twelve days. […]

for that moment in Bhutan and Nepal

travel video Bhutan Nepal

TRAVEL VIDEO BHUTAN AND NEPAL Three weeks of traveling Bhutan and Nepal are behind us. We explored the fascinations of Buddhism and Hinduism, eavesdropped the prayers of the monks in various temples in Bhutan. We admired spiritual dances of indigenous people in those colourful fortresses, baffled the valley of Paro on the back of horses and […]

Why Chiang Mai Should Be Next On Your Travel List 

Elephant Thailand farm banana

When travellers think of Thailand, they normally think of the crystal blue beaches of the southern coast, where islands dot the coastline and most people walk around with their bathers on and a coconut in their hands. However, there is another part to Thailand up in the north, where you’re more likely to spend your […]


kakolem beach south Goa

Hello! My name is Karen, I’m a Belgian girl who loves to travel. I have already travelled a lot, but south Goa really stole my heart! Why? Because it’s a secluded paradise where you won’t encounter many tourists! Let me show you the 5 best beaches in south Goa! #5 AGONDA BEACH Agonda is a […]