TRAVEL VIDEO CUBA Cuban people draw the sun from their soul, proud and sincere, vibrant and passionate. Their smile and their the contagious temperament is the true heart of the Island: a place of wonders and white beaches, valleys cultivated with coffee and tobacco and fascinating, stunning, legendary colonial cities. Cuba is a whole new continent […]

Contrasts of Peru

TRAVEL VIDEO PERU Peru is a country of many contrasts. From the cold waters of the Coast over the 6000 m high Andes to the unique biodiversity of the Amazon Jungle. For one month I travelled through this incredible country and discovered one thing: Peru isn’t only Machu Picchu. It’s much more. Directed, shot and edited […]

Mexico’s most hidden natural wonders

salto del meco Mexico river

Mexico is one of the most diverse countries on Earth. Thanks to its position very close to the equator and its big territory, you can possibly find mountains, cold and warm rivers, waterfalls, beaches, deserts, and so much more in it. We had the chance to visit a lot of these wonderful places, and we […]

Why Chiang Mai Should Be Next On Your Travel List 

Elephant Thailand farm banana

When travellers think of Thailand, they normally think of the crystal blue beaches of the southern coast, where islands dot the coastline and most people walk around with their bathers on and a coconut in their hands. However, there is another part to Thailand up in the north, where you’re more likely to spend your […]


kakolem beach south Goa

Hello! My name is Karen, I’m a Belgian girl who loves to travel. I have already travelled a lot, but south Goa really stole my heart! Why? Because it’s a secluded paradise where you won’t encounter many tourists! Let me show you the 5 best beaches in south Goa! #5 AGONDA BEACH Agonda is a […]


Chile lake ice mountain

South America was continent #5 for us but with so many different countries, amazing sites, and cultures to explore, we found it hard to choose a place where we could make the most of our 2 weeks of vacation time.  We chose Chile because it seemed to offer a variety of unique natural landscapes, vibrant […]

Why should you go to the Azores?

view Azores

When I was looking for my last summer destination, I was wondering: Where can I find a place in Europe where I can have some hikes and enjoy wonderful landscapes? Where can I relax in beautiful places? Where can I go to find beaches which are not as crowded as in the French Riviera? The […]

Blown away by amazing Haro, Spain

winery haro bodegas

On our 16-day trip to Spain, we stopped at some of the obvious tourist attractions like the Sagrada Familia in Barcelona, the Royal Palace in Madrid and the old Spanish capital, Toledo. We also visited the small town of Haro in the La Rioja province of Northern Spain. It’s a small town with a population […]

How we spent 3 days in Northern Norway


There’s just something about Norway that always appealed to us. Maybe it was the magnificent fjords, the rich culture or the endless beauty the country has to offer, who knows. All we knew was that we just had to head up north and explore this winter wonderland. Even though we only spent 3 full days […]


Suytun Cenote yacatan Mexico

Mexico has been on me and my boyfriend’s bucket list for a long time. We were excited to see what the Riviera Maya had to offer for us. Here are our favorite places we visited! CANCUN Cancun is the most known city for America’s spring break. You’ll notice that right away. There’s the Zona Hotelera […]

Let’s be adventurers – in Saxon Switzerland

Saxon Switzerland

Saxon Switzerland is located in eastern Germany and is a beautiful region of forests and fascinating sandstone formations. Walking there gives you a glimpse of a dreamlike nature that alw ays shows itself in a new way depending on the season and weather conditions. After an exhausting week, I often decide to go for a […]