A trip through South America – Best things to see and do

 When I was planning our world tour, South America was clearly more than evidence. It was impossible to consider a world trip not including it on the way. But it was also 2 months of endless possibilities and it has been hard to make a choice between all the countries this continent has to offer. […]


TRAVEL VIDEO CUBA Cuban people draw the sun from their soul, proud and sincere, vibrant and passionate. Their smile and their the contagious temperament is the true heart of the Island: a place of wonders and white beaches, valleys cultivated with coffee and tobacco and fascinating, stunning, legendary colonial cities. Cuba is a whole new continent […]

Contrasts of Peru

TRAVEL VIDEO PERU Peru is a country of many contrasts. From the cold waters of the Coast over the 6000 m high Andes to the unique biodiversity of the Amazon Jungle. For one month I travelled through this incredible country and discovered one thing: Peru isn’t only Machu Picchu. It’s much more. Directed, shot and edited […]

Mexico’s most hidden natural wonders

salto del meco Mexico river

Mexico is one of the most diverse countries on Earth. Thanks to its position very close to the equator and its big territory, you can possibly find mountains, cold and warm rivers, waterfalls, beaches, deserts, and so much more in it. We had the chance to visit a lot of these wonderful places, and we […]


Chile lake ice mountain

South America was continent #5 for us but with so many different countries, amazing sites, and cultures to explore, we found it hard to choose a place where we could make the most of our 2 weeks of vacation time.  We chose Chile because it seemed to offer a variety of unique natural landscapes, vibrant […]


Suytun Cenote yacatan Mexico

Mexico has been on me and my boyfriend’s bucket list for a long time. We were excited to see what the Riviera Maya had to offer for us. Here are our favorite places we visited! CANCUN Cancun is the most known city for America’s spring break. You’ll notice that right away. There’s the Zona Hotelera […]

Ecuador: South America’s Overlooked Gem

places to visit in things to do in Ecuador6

Argentina, Brazil, Peru, Colombia, these are the places that most easily come to most people’s minds when thinking about traveling South America. Not a lot of people think of lesser-known Ecuador as one of the continent’s top destinations, and if yes it is primarily for the Galapagos islands. I spent three months in this beautiful […]

Parque Tayrona – The Jungle Paradise

Parque Tayrona

Parque Tayrona This jungle paradise is located along the northern coast of Colombia and a must visit on any travellers itinerary. To get to the north, we recommend taking a flight with Viva Colombia from either Medellin or Bogotá to Santa Marta, the closest city to Parque Tayrona. The flights are cheap and, if you […]

4 Waterfalls Not to Miss in Costa Rica

Waterfall Costa Rica La Fortuna 2

When we first started planning our trip to Costa Rica, I had no idea there were so many waterfalls to explore. I had seen pictures of the famous “Rio Celeste Waterfall” and knew we had to go there. As we began to plan more, I stumbled upon a few more beautiful spots and knew we […]

Travel Video – The beauty of Peru is boundless.

Travel video Peru

A collection of moments from a journey around Peru. From the mountains of Cusco, to the islands of Lake Titicaca, to the deserts of Nazca, the beauty of Peru only grew as I kept moving. Hope you’ll love this travel video as much as we did.