The enchanted city of Tallinn, Estonia

Things to do in Talinn estonia
The travel bug stuck and led me to the enchanted city of Tallinn, Estonia. A country I feel that is underestimated and not hyped enough for when it comes to traveling. This town allowed me to travel back in time and experience the medieval environment first hand.
Things to do in Talinn estonia
Tallinn holds the perfect balance between quiet, quaint, and fast paced. Although I could have easily spent weeks and months in this town, the world is way to big to nest all my time in one place. I have composed the top must-dos and eats to ensure that you don’t miss out on all the historic charm and character Tallinn has to offer.

What to eat in Tallinn

The key to this traveler’s heart is global cuisine. Coffee shops, mum-and-pop restaurants and pubs are found at the turn of every corner. Out of all these places, the epitome of Estonian culture is best captured at Olde Hansa.
Things to do in Tallinn Estonia
This gem is found in the midst of the old town centre – perfect for grabbing an early lunch or a late night dinner in the city. Here I found a wide range of small plates that gave me the opportunity to taste foods from different regions of the country all in one sitting. My all-time favorites were the oven-baked herb, juniper melted cheese and dried elk meat which I enjoyed while sipping on a light cinnamon beer.
Tallinn Estonia
Not to far from here, is the Reval Cafe. This outdoor nook makes for the perfect pick-me-up where you can enjoy a latte all while people-watching (you know we all do it!).

Things to do in Talinn

A stroll down St. Catherine’s Passage

To lose the ten pounds I had just gained (no regrets), I decided to take a stroll down St. Catherine’s Passage. This setting made for the perfect fairy-tale! The narrow, cobblestone street of St. Catherine is equipped with local vendors, underground book stores and not to mention, the perfect backdrop to my next Instagram capture 😉
things to do Tallinn Estonia

Raekoja Plats

Raekoja Plats, also given the name as Town Hall Square, is where the life of Tallinn is found. The physical square-shaped plaza is known for being the social heart of the city. In here, I found local merchant housing, market vendors (where I purchased a hand-made quilt), more exquisite foods and live music.
Town Square is buzzing with events year round- so whether you find yourself there in different seasons, rest assure there will always be something for you to do. The dreamy pastel-colored-buidings bestowed upon Estonia is hard to miss. The most predominant of the many historic monuments is the Alexander Nevsky Cathedral, a true baltic treasure for those in love with all things architecture.
The moroccan-detailed cathedral allowed me to transport to another region of the world as well as other beautiful sceneries found in both the heart of the city and the outskirts. Estonia’s incorporation of many countries allowed me to immerse into different cultures without having to actually leave; this is the true beauty of Tallinn.
Therefore, I highly encourage the travel community to explore all the nooks and crannies of this underrated Eastern Europe country!”

By Daniëlla Gomez – @belowthesamesun



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