Florie; A young photographer with a story

I’m a Belgian photographer of 22 years who loves above all to create and manage to plunge my spectators for a moment in a fantastic tale. I discovered this passion when I was 13 and today I travel while continuing to realize my illustrations. The travel helped me a lot to find what I really wanted.

Ladiesbay balloon baloon coastline sea up

During a while I realised a lot of fashion portraits but I understood that it was not what really fulfil me, but the fantastic was the world in which I wanted to continue to live.

bridge jungle wood forrest

What’s great is that I understood that no matter where we are, there is magic everywhere around us and we just have to give it a chance to show up.

I think everyone deserves to travel, because it’s so amazing all the challenges of life can teach us.  Being constantly in contact with the outside world, having to deal with strangers, in another setting and culture other than his own, is a wealth that I will not have been able to offer myself while staying at home. 

coastline sea beach

Take the step has been the most beautiful destination for me. Thank you life for these adventures.

dog beach sea coastline

By Florie van der Heijden from @florievcanon



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