Granada Spain – The Andalusian Paradise

Things to do in Granada

Some of you may know, changing a residency is not easy. But how does it feel like changing it twice? Besides my Hungarian origin, I lived in the UK for 6 years but I am always after my bucket list and my dreams, which made me giving up my successful life in the UK and suddenly moving to Spain, totally alone.

As I didn’t speak the language, there were many exciting situations with local people. Looking back a few months distance now, I can state this half-year period was one of the most difficult but most successful time at once ever in my life. But it’s not the only reason why I feel Granada was the best city which I visited so far – this Andalusian Paradise is a must-see place for all travelers!

Granada Spain

Things to do in Granada

In early September 2017, after numerous days of packing and a long travel, I finally arrived to Granada, which is located in South-Spain and one of my biggest adventure has begun. Unfortunately, Granada airport doesn’t offer much flights, so the best option is to fly to Malaga Airport (or Madrid) and taking either a bus (hourly service), a blablacar ride or you can actually rent a car.

MY TIP: I would recommend taking a blablacar ride, as that’s the cheapest option, drivers are very flexible, and on top of that you can already start meeting new people! You can find very reliable drivers in a minute on

Things to do in Granada


Well, before arriving, I didn’t know too much about the city, I only heard that Granada is included in the ‘New seven wonders of the world’. But guys… I totally have to agree with this information – I have fallen in love with the city for the first sight!

The never ending sunshine and warm weather, the palm trees and the beautiful mixture of Moroccan and Andalusian architecture totally got me – I felt like I always lived in Spain before… The first thing which took my attention, those cute, spectacular and narrow streets which really confused me when I had to get somewhere.

I have never seen such strait streets before – most of the buildings were built usually four meters from each other but I even saw only a meter width street that separated two housing blocks! MY TIP: Don’t use your gps all the time, instead, let your eyes lead you on the journey! You will find amazing places, I promise you.

streets of Granada


One thing which I like the most in Granada that you can have a city view just in 10 minutes walk. There are many pathways lead to different look-out points from Gran Via and I’m telling you, that perspective would fascinate you.

I can’t tell that how many times I got lost during the first months, but actually I’m quite happy for that as I discovered so many new things in the city, just by myself. One of the best example of this when I found a great look-out point, and walking over there became my weekly pleasure.

MY TIP: – View the sunset in Mirador de San Nicolas, and on the way down visit Bib Rambla Square, Granada Cathedral and Alcaicería, Granada’s old silk market – Take part in one of southern Spain’s most beloved cultural traditions at an authentic, live flamenco show in Granada’s historic Albaycín district.

Mirador Granda


People who love historic buildings, museums and cathedrals – Granada is a perfect choice for that. You can find these places in almost every corner, so prepare your cameras!

MY TIP: – Enjoying Hammam Al Ándalus, the thermal bath & steam room and its mesmerizing Arabian decor – Alhambra and Generalife Gardens Half-Day Tour (Lights PICTURE) PARKS If you are into palm-trees as much as I do, you can find numerous places for enjoying the nature, especially in one of my fav place: Parque Garcia Lorca in the city centre. The design of the park is impressive!

MY TIP: – Walk down pathways in Parque Garcia Lorca and sit under the shade of a palm tree or in rose gardens surrounded by hundreds of scented blooms. TRIP TO GO If you are already in Granada, make sure you won’t miss out going to Sierra Nevada! It’s one of the highest point in Spain, one-hour from Granada, and I guarantee it’s an unforgettable experience.

There are private tours who can manage activities for you, or you can go just by yourself with buses from Granada (hourly). MY TIP: – Sip a drink at a mountain restaurant with panoramic views of Spain’s highest peak, in Sierra Nevada.

6.Sierra Nevada


The city is very livable and has everything for all type of people. There are many students due the universities and as a result, Granada has a big night life and numerous cheap tapas bars which a great benefit for tourists haha!

MY TIP: – Visit Granada tapas bars and enjoy small plates of delicacies such as Spanish omelet or chorizo – Normal restaurants: $$$ – Bib-Rambla Square restaurants with terrace seating $$ – The Jungle: Located in the city centre, a new store owned by two adorable German guys.

The design is absolutely stunning, definitely one of the best place for a breakfast! $$ – Café Baraka: Delicious meals in a contemporary design bar at the city centre, definitely an Instagram-worthy place! $ – Kebab stores (near to Gran Via): You can have a massive portion of kebab with a drink included for £6 while enjoying the musicians in the terrace seating area.


During the time I lived in Granada, its magical vibe helped me to wake up every day with a positive and energetic mind. Local people say it’s one of the most beautiful destination all over Spain and they call it as the Paradise of Andalusia. Well… it is definitely mine as well! So if you are planning to visit Spain, try to get to Granada also, you are not going to regret it, I promise you! Thanks for reading.




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