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Here we are, in the 21st century, living in a digital era, where the internet and social
media have a massive impact on people’s lives. Nowadays, millions of people aim
to travel and inspire others to do it, but only a few can make a difference. Why?
Because to really influence human beings, you must truly relate to people and find
a way to touch their hearts – more than influence, you have to empower people. If
you always had this dream to inspire others to live the lives they want, we gathered
5 easy ways to become an influencer in social media.

1 Find your purpose

The first step to make it true is to ask yourself: ‘’Why do I want to be an
influencer?’’. You might want to do it because you’d love to share your travels on
Instagram and have people following your steps, you might want to write travel
guides for your blog and offer people an opportunity to explore places the way you
did or you might want to spread a positive message to bring awareness to people
on environmental consciousness. Whatever your motive is, you have to be sure
about it, so you can start your journey on social media with a purpose and a focus.
This will be the base of your profile as an influencer.
couple goals sea coastline

2 Build up your identity

After you’ve found your goal, you must start building up your identity. For an
instance, if your main social media channel is Instagram, make sure you build a
strong, solid and consistent feed, with the best content you can create, according
to your own beliefs and personality. Don’t try to copy others. Open that space to
enhance your creativity, show what you truly are and never get away from it.
People will follow you if they see consistency on your posts. If you like to capture
only tropical paradise landscapes, stick to it. If you are a travel couple and love to
capture yourselves in hotels, transmitting a lifestyle vibe, do it. No matter who you
are or want to be, make sure you have an identity so people can easily know what
to expect from you.

3 Seek true and honest engagement

Many people stress about the numbers, more followers, more likes, more
comments! Think about this: would you follow or like someone posts if you don’t
feel a real connection? Every social media engagement is like a relationship in real
life, to receive love and make friendships, you must give. You can’t expect to
receive if you don’t give, so allow yourself to have the time to truly engage with
people, make honest comments on their content, build a relationship. What we love
the most on social media is the ability to make real connections on a virtual reality!
And to break through that wall you must give your heart, be honest, pure and
grateful for every achievement. As you build your community, it is important to
remain the connection with all your followers, so give them the opportunity to know
you and answer the questions they ask.

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4 Innovate

It’s not easy to stand out on a platform where so many influencers battle for the
same thing, so the main goal is to innovate. People love to see new things and if
you create content that stand out of the rest, your chances to be noticed are way
bigger. Look at things from a new perspective every time you face it and don’t try to
imitate other’s creations! Try as many things as you’d like, experiment and deliver
the best content you can. Remember, being unique is what makes you stand out of
society patterns.

5 Always be your true self

This is probably the most important thing to have in mind, yet the most ignored one
by the influencer community. What is an influencer? It is a person that can inspire
people to take action. How do they do it? Creating an image and showing what
they do, so people can relate. Well, sure people are driven for the lust, beauty and
dreamy destinations, but to that we call being superfluous. If you want to truly touch
people’s hearts and make a real connection, you must always be your true self.
Don’t try to live a life that is not yours. Don’t try to be who you know that you don’t
like to be, just for the likes! Don’t try to show people what they want to see, but
inspire them to become who they want to be. Being honest and pure is the number
one rule to have people following you and relate to your own being.
This is not a maths formula with an exact result, it all depends on the work you put
into it and your goal. If you aspire to become an influencer, please do it for yourself
and not for others, leave a positive imprint in this world so people can follow your
example and feel empowered by your work… that is the true essence of an

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By PATRICIA & MIGUEL from @freeoversea





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