How to get featured on any Instagram account in just 3 steps

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One of the most common questions we’re asked on Instagram is ‘How do I get featured on your Instagram account?’ For everyone who asked, we hope this blog gives you all the information you’re looking for.

Let’s just start by saying we love all the travel inspiration we get from photographers on Instagram. They provide us with a little snapshot into their lives. And that is why we started Travelcommunity in the first place. To get this photo’s more in the spotlight.


Feature accounts are usually run by people who are passionate about the community they are curating. And many of these accounts can have up to hundreds of thousands of followers who are all interested in the same thing. In our case, travelling. We search for hidden gems through hundreds of travel photos each day. And now we have almost 20k followers who are all eager to discover new travellers (like you) who inspire them.

Today we will teach you how to get featured on any Instagram feature account. Because honestly, we know how special it’s to have your work hand picked out of thousands of others.


This may shock you but we are not the only Travelcommunity on Instagram sharing photos from others travellers. There are thousands. The best thing of feature accounts is that everybody can join. You just have to use their hashtags or tag their account, depending on the guidelines. Now, the very first step in getting your photo featured is making a list of feature accounts on Instagram that you like. Below we wanted to give you a kickstart and listed the top 5 travel feature accounts on Instagram:

1. Travelcommunity (Shameless self-promotion)
2. Earthpix
3. Beautiful Destinations
4. Passion Passport
5. Dametraveler


Post quality content that your audience are going to love. This is the most import step! You’ve to align your photo with the accounts that you want to be featured on.

Perhaps this means that you will have to find accounts that match your style. Or maybe if you are still in the stages of figuring out what your ‘thing’ is, you can study popular feature accounts like @doyoutravel or similar accounts we feature on @travelcommunity and apply what works to your own images. But keep the next tips in mind if you want improve your photo quality:


Use vertical images on Instagram. Vertical photos perform better than horizontal images. If someone is scrolling through their feed quickly, it’s important to grab their attention! Naturally, a larger image does just that. Check Sproutsocial out for the size.


They are way too obvious and they usually reduce the quality of the picture because they manipulate colors and contrast a lot. So, if you really want to step up your game you should start using Lightroom.
Just take 15 minuts to watch the video below.

Another great alternative for Lightroom is the app VSCO. VSCO’s filters are much more tasteful/subtle, and they enhance the picture rather than totally changing it. That is why we like this app so much.

Use humans in your photos whenever you can. Landscapes are better with people in them. But make sure that it’s about the Landscape.

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Once you have done the two steps above, you should start submitting your photos to these feature accounts to get featured. Depending on the guidelines you can include their hashtags in your photos captions or tag them. Don’t send DM’s asking for a feature. Most likely, they will simply scroll through the hashtag feed on a regular basis to pick out images to feature.

If you’ve followed our tips above and you are still not getting any feature, try expanding your horizons and submitting your images to feature accounts with a smaller following.

At the end of the day, Instagram should be about you. We simply wanted to share tips and ideas on how you can increase the odds of being featured. If this has helped you, please drop by our instagram @travelcommunity and tag us in your photo’s.



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