sagrada familia Spain church Barcelona city trip

☑ Architecture

☑ Culture 

☑ Art 

☑ Delicious traditional food and drinks 

☑ Wild unforgettable parties  

☑ Best memories 

If you want to “check” all of the above from your bucket list then Barcelona is the city for you. So let’s start with the journey of your life. 


The most important buildings in Barcelona are the Gaudí’s greatest masterpieces. Even if you don’t know anything about architecture or Gaudí, when you walk the streets of Barcelona you will intuitively identify a Gaudí’s work because it is very unique and unmistakable. So, if you’re interested in experiencing so-called “Gaudi’s Barcelona”, my top 3 recommendations for you are: 

  1. Sagrada Familia (“Expiatory Temple of the Sacred Family”)
sagrada familia Spain church Barcelona city trip

Yeah I know, you might think it’s just a church but trust me you want to see this one. The first thing that catches your eye is its massive size and unusual architecture, but the real magic lays inside of it. I can’t describe it with words, you have to see it and feel it for yourself. I can just give you a glimpse 😉        

2. Casa Batlló

You are walking the street and then, suddenly something breathtaking catches your eye. When that happens you know that you are looking at the Casa Batlló. The view from the outside is so stunning with all the flowers and intricate designs. You won’t see anything like that in the “real” world, believe me! 😛 

Casa Batlló Barcelona Europe spain

*Little tip about Sagrada Familia and Casa Batllő: Buy tickets online because the lines to get inside are endless and sometimes you have to wait for days to get inside. I would highly recommend you to visit these two, that’s an experience you get once in a lifetime. If I have to choose just 1 thing to see in Barcelona without a doubt that would be Sagrada Familia.

3. Park Güell

Park Güell spain Barcelona park city trip Europe

The park is quite outside the city. If you are up to walking, you are looking at about 9km to get there. But when you are finally there, it won’t matter anymore because it will be so worth it. On the other hand, you can take a bus and it will drop you off a few blocks away from the park. Park is so big that you need one whole day to see it all. It consists of three floors. On the bottom floor is Gaudí’s famous lizard know as „El Drac“ (The Dragon). On the second floor are columns shaped like trees, and on the top floor is the best panorama view of the whole Barcelona. Entry to the park is free but if you want to see Gaudí’s lizard, then you need to buy a ticket.  

Park Güell spain Barcelona park city trip Europe


Barcelona is the capital city of the Catalan region. If I have to describe Barcelona in 3 words that would be: living, breathing and a magical city with a soul that changes your perspective on life. 

Barcelona Spain Europe city

You need to visit these two museums if you want firsthand experience of Barcelona’s culture and art: National Art Museum of Catalonia and Dalí Theater Museum. There are more than 290 000 art pieces in their collections. Tickets are affordable and you can buy them in the museums.           


For a food lover, Barcelona is Heaven. Barcelona is crowded with restaurants, food booths and every kind of food stores. In this section, a must-see is definitely “La Boqueria”. La Boqueria is the biggest food market in Europe that throngs with both tourists and locals. It is located in the center of the city, in the middle of the main street “La Rambla”. There you can find foods of all varieties and from different cultures under one roof. 

Regarding the traditional food and drinks, you must try paella (rice and seafood dish), tapas (appetizer or a snack you mostly get with paella, there are different kinds of tapas and you can find all of them on this website:, bombas (tennis ball-sized potato croquette served with two sauces: garlic and spicy red sauce) and the most important of this all, sangria (red wine with chopped fruit). If you haven’t tried these then you can’t say that you’ve been to Barcelona.


In Barcelona you eat late, drink late and party later. On every street you have at least five bars so there is no way that you can’t find a bar that suits your style, whatever it is. 

Pub crawl is the best way to feel Barcelona’s nightlife. My advice is to get a local tourist guide, they can show you the best pubs and bars or where are the best parties held. I personally prefer pubs because music isn’t loud and you can interact with locals and enjoy stories about their unique way of life. 


This part is all yours! I already have my memories and now is time for you to make yours. I hope that my story will help you in creating your own memories of Barcelona so you can write them in the comment for me to read them. I’ll be waiting for them! 

By Megy from @megy_land



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