Let’s be adventurers – in Saxon Switzerland

Saxon Switzerland

Saxon Switzerland is located in eastern Germany and is a beautiful region of forests and fascinating sandstone formations. Walking there gives you a glimpse of a dreamlike nature that alw ays shows itself in a new way depending on the season and weather conditions.

Saxon Switzerland

After an exhausting week, I often decide to go for a hike in Saxon Switzerland to calm down and relax from the stress of the week. Usually I start my hike in one of the small villages directly located at the river Elbe. After a few steps I reach the forest and stop for a moment to inhale the fresh forest air. I love the smell of leaves and pine wood. Each step leads me deeper into the forest and embraces me with a beautiful silence.

Saxon Switzerland woods

Signposts and coloured markings show me the way – but I always have a hiking map with me so I don’t get lost. The Saxon Switzerland includes a variety of different hiking trails and getting lost can sometimes happen quickly. It has happened to me more than once, but I was always lucky to meet friendly hikers who helped me.

Slowly the path gets steeper and I can see bigger rocks that surround the path. Ladders and stairs appear, and I climb the sandstones until I reach the top of the mountains . The most beautiful feeling is to have reached the top and to look out over the sea of forests and exciting rock formations. When I’m standing up there, I suddenly feel small. The world in all its beauty is so special and huge that we and our everyday problems seem very tiny.

Since I am passionate about photography, I start by taking photos and capturing the moment. Each time I’m amazed how different Saxon Switzerland looks in the photos, depending on which perspective you choose and what the light is like. Then ,I usually put the camera aside, sit on one of the rocks and enjoy the moment. Completely without camera. Without thinking about the stressful week, the everyday life, the city, the traffic. Far away from all that I am only here for a moment and enjoy the breathtaking view.

view Saxon mountain Swiss

The Saxon Switzerland is a very special place of peace for me. A place where the world still seems calm and nature shows itself from an unbelievable side. Like a hidden magic land, where adventures await me.

One of my favourite places is the so – called “Schrammsteine”. From there you have an unbelievable view over the national park and over an interesting rock chain made of sandstones. Especially at sunset it is like being on another planet. Apart from that I love the viewpoint “Carolafelsen”, one of the most breathtaking views in Saxon Switzerland. From there you look over a sea of trees and rocks and you get a great impression of the special nature of Saxon Switzerland.

Saxon Mountain View Switzerland

I’ve already one on a number of hikes , but there are still so many places in Saxon Switzerland that I haven’t seen yet. Therefore ,I never get tired of discovering all the spots and panoramic places in Saxon Switzerland and of the adventures that await me there.

By Isabel from @venividiwander





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