Mykonos VS. Santorini

Santorini 1.

When you think about Greece, you think about beaches, sunsets, parties, adventure…Greek Islands for being more specific, right? And the islands are all this and so much more. In April I travelled to two beautiful islands: Mykonos and Santorini.


Island of cats (because in each corner you can see one), Mykonos exceeded my expectations. It’s amazing how you can get yourself lost on these little streets and every single time you see a different thing.

Mykonos or Santorini
All blue and white the city center is pure magic. I dare to say it’s one of the most photogenic cities I’ve ever been.
Please, disfrut yourself of a fresh smoothie on a esplanade in Little Venice. Eat a fresh fish in the restaurant near to the sea. Walk until you cannot do it anymore.
Also, rent a Scooter or a Moto bike and found yourself the way to the beaches…If you like adventure, this tip is for you.

I spent a whole morning exploring the beaches. I went to Ornos, paradise beach, super paradise beach and Paraga…oh Paraga beach, it’s really a paradise and you really should go there and disfrute of an amazing view ! Completly a must go !
Don’t rent a car…in my opinion is a waste of money and time, since you cannot go to the city center with it and is not so flexible.

Mykonos or Santorini 3



Santorini…I know every single person will judge me, but I was expecting a bit more of this romantic island. I don’t know, but Santorini is the island that all of us always talk about and my expectations were huge.

If it’s beautiful ? No doubts.
If I spent a good time there? Of course.
If I ate well? Omg, it was my best meals in Greece.
If the landscapes are amazing? Breathtaking
But will I visit it again? Probably no.

I think I got a little bit desapointed because I was expecting for more.
And for my sadness I didn’t see the sunset (one of the must worth it things in Santorini) because the day (my last) I decided to do it, the sky was really cloudy…looks like the sun got shy with so many people staring :p)

But for sure still a must go. If I never had been there and I knew what I know today, I would want to go anyway. The blue domes are awesome and for course give you a beautiful and memorable photo.

Santorini or Mykonos


You can also get a ride on a donkeys and they take a particular path until Thira, the island’s capital. Probably is beautiful and you can have a good time there, but I didn’t do it because I don’t agree with a use of animals to do tourism. And you shouldn’t do it also. Might the donkeys look cute and the ride looks nice but this tourist attraction contributes to animal abuse. Donkeys are not a “taxi”, they are animals and have feelings like us.



If you wanna any recomendation where eat in Santorini, please go to APSITHIA RESTAURANT ( It was the best of the best meals I had in Greece.
The attendance is amazing and you can eat with a super view. The traditional dishes are not expensive. You can eat a Moussaka or a soutskaka for 12-15€. And the taste? You will never forget about it and for sure not regret it 🙂

If you ask me which one I like the most, I won’t lie…Mykonos is the winner. But, in case of doubt, choose both :p


I went from Athens to Mykonos on ferry. The price was 36.50€ and the company was Blue Star Naxos.
After see the beautiful island of Mykonos I went to Santorini with Naxos Jet company and it was 66.80€.
To finish my travels on ferries I come back from Santorini back to Athens on Blue Star Delos company and it was 40€.
The worst part of this last travel was the time, something like 8 hours stuck on ferry but with my heart fill (:

One last tip: When you arrive at the port of Santorini don’t use these bus companies you will see when you arrive. In my case, I spent 25€ just to go from the port to Oía.
In the Hotel they told me I could use the public bus that stops in Thira and then you catch another bus to Oía. I used it to return and it was less than 5€.
So, be smart, travel cheap :p

By Patricia Corucho



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