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It’s not a secret that children love fairy tales and manage to find something magical even in the most ordinary things. When I was 10 years old, I visited Prague for the first time and was so greatly impressed by this unusual city that I had very vivid memories from there. The children’s perception of the world is really colorful … BUT, after returning to Prague 10 years later, those childhood memories began to shine even brighter colors, and I realized that Prague is really fabulous city that makes you dream and find magic at every turn, regardless of age!

Prague is a fairy tale city for everyone!

Mysterious, magical and so beautiful – Prague is an incredibly cosy city that combines narrow streets and sweet houses with red roofs, ancient bridges and Gothic castles. Although I’ve been there in summer, I am sure that Prague does not lose its magical atmosphere and charm at any time of the year. Being there, I felt that I’m in a real magical city, which exists only in fairy tales. Prague Czech fairytale wings

About people

The Czech Republic’s capital was so hospitably from the very beginning of my journey. On the plane, I met a friendly Czech family, who not only helped me to navigate in the city, but also kindly drove me from the airport to the metro station. For me, nothing defines a country better than its inhabitants do. And I have repeatedly come across pleasant and kind people throughout my trip. Therefore, I can say with certainty – wizards do live in the magical city of Prague!

About sights

Prague has a huge number of interesting sights. Everyone can find something to their liking – whether it be parks and gardens, or museums and art galleries – you will not get bored even for a minute. Tip: If you decide to visit Prague, plan a trip for more than 5 days, if it is possible. You can find a lot of interesting things and places here! On my first night in Prague, of course, I went for a walk. My hotel was located in the very center, so I immediately found myself surrounded by stunning architectural structures. The beauty of the Gothic in Prague fascinates! In contrast to many large European cities, Prague did not suffer so much from various wars, so most of the Gothic masterpieces survived. Prague Czech old town square Old Town Square (Staroměstské náměstí) From Wenceslas Square I went to the center of historical Prague – to the Old Town Square. This is one of the touristiest places of the whole city. But really everyone should visit it! As there’s a lot of tourists there, be prepared for a large crowd of people. I was delighted to be there! I was standing almost in the very center of the square and spinning around my axis, catching my eyes with the The Church of Mother of God before Týn, the Town Hall, the Church of St. Mikulas, the monument to Jan Hus and many bright little houses. Everything looked so colorful and magical there. You can also find an unusual sight on the Old Town Square. On the tower of the Town Hall building there are Prague Astronomical Clock, called the Prague Orloj. Unfortunately, when I visited Prague, the clock was under renovation. Now – the clock delights the guests of the city again! Tip: every hour from 8 am to 8 pm you can see the representation of moving figures located on the Prague Astronomical Clock. The Charles Bridge What a fairy tale without mysteries and legends? And, once again, Prague don’t lose the name of a fairy-tale city! As for me, I’m a fan of various mystical stories, so, a visit to Charles Bridge was especially interesting. The bridge is very unusual. For example, here is one of the legends for you: the royal astrologer calculated the best moment for laying the cornerstone of the future bridge – 5 hours 31 minutes July 9, 1357. Therefore, there is a series of numbers 1-3-5-7-7-7-7-5-3-1, which should protect the building from destruction. And, incredible as it is, in 700 years the bridge wasn’t destroyed neither by floods nor bombing! The main decoration of the Charles Bridge is 30 baroque sculptures standing along parapets. They depict revered Czech saints and legendary personalities. Tip: there are two places on the Charles Bridge where it is customary to make wishes that will come true – the statue of Saint John of Nepomuk and the lattice with the image of Saint John, which indicates the place from where he was dropped into the Vltava River. Prague is a magical city! Therefore, all your wishes that you make here will surely come true! Prague Czech old town square Charles bridge the dancing house The Dancing House Walking along the embankments of the Vltava River, I stumbled upon a very non-standard building, which is simply impossible not to notice. Have you ever seen a house that started to dance? Probably just read on the pages of fairy tales. But in fabulous Prague there really is a house that pleases tourists and residents of the city with its dance. The Dancing House is a very bold decision of the architects, at least because the building stands out for its appearance – a modern building in the style of deconstructivism against the background of older buildings. But I, as a lover of modern art, got far more out of the Dancing House than just peculiarity. Tip: Admire the Dancing House in the daylight and at night! The building looks so unusual with light illumination. Prague Czech old town square dox museum DOX museum  As I noted, I really love contemporary art. Therefore, traveling around the cities, I always try to find a museum of modern art. In Prague – it is DOX museum and it’s a very nice place. If I have not yet convinced you that Prague is a place from fairy-tales, here is another interesting fact: the DOX museum has a dirigible balloon that bears the name of one of the most famous characters of D. Swift – Gulliver. DOX Centre of Contemporary Art has become one of my favourite places in Prague. And Gulliver is a great space for those who like to read. And also there are lectures and author readings. Tip: there is a library in the DOX museum, where you can take books and go read them in Gulliver space. This is a pleasant pastime! Prague Czech old Hamleys toy store Hamleys toy store I think most of you agree with me now – it makes no difference whether you are 5 or 20 years old, but toy stores will make any person happy and you will feel the most pleasant emotions! Many of you surely remember the amazing toy store from the lovely Christmas movie “Home Alone 2”. I always dreamed of being in the same place! And so, my dream came true in Prague! It is just an amazing place! The toy store is wonderfully cool! I cannot even call it “a store” – this is an entertaining park! And, of course, after spending a quite a lot time there, I hardly got out of there. Tip: if you want a funny souvenir from Prague, buy a famous character from the Czech cartoon in the Hamleys toy store – the mole (Krtek). Prague Czech old town square tooftops

About local cuisine

I fell in love with Czech cuisine. It is so tasty! During my week-long trip around Prague I managed to try such dishes as Czech soup (polevki), goulash, dumplings, and … trdlo for dessert! The name of the dessert sounds funny, but it looks even funnier – a delicacy of dough and sugar wrapped around a cylinder and roasted over an open fire. This dessert you will find everywhere – it is sold throughout the city. Tip: do not take Trdlo with sweet additives, such as ice cream or chocolate (maybe for a beautiful photo). The dish is very sweet by itself, so with additives it will be too sweet.

About restaurants

There is an unusual bar in Prague called Vytopna. This is a unique place where instead of waiters drinks are brought on toy trains. There is a railroad all over the bar, and the trains scurry back and forth, carrying beer and other drinks to the guests. This bar is a great fun! Tip: try the Czech beer. Here it is not so expensive. At the same time, where else can you see such an attraction with a train that will bring your beer to you personally? Video Probably, you understood right away, I fell in love with Prague! This fairy tale city is so stunning and wondrous that you catch the feel of it almost instantly, even on a small trip! No wonder you’ll miss it and feel the cosy glow remembering it. I hope that I managed to prove you that there are fairy-tale cities outside the books – all that remains is to plan the trip and buy tickets to Prague! Prague Czech old town For more inspiration and information about Prague and other cities – My IG by Julia from @Juliashatravel



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