Saint Martin – The friendly island

There is one island that stole my heart. You might know the feeling, the feeling of missing an island when you’re back home. It’s beautiful nature, kind people and lovely weather. That might sound like any other island in the world. But this one has one thing that almost no island has.

They speak 3 different languages and the island combines 2 European countries in the Caribbean. It has one more unique thing that you might know, the airplanes coming in fly so low above the beach that you will have the feeling you can touch the bottom.

I’m talking about Saint-Martin, the island with a French and a Dutch part. This combination makes it an island with two different identities over only 87 km2.

What to do

Because of this diversity you can satisfy your inner adrenaline junky as well as the need for quietness and peace. Most of the activities involve beautiful white sand and crystal clear blue water. With 37 beaches (!) there is fun for everybody.

You can go snorkeling, diving, surfing, kite surfing, play in the waves and so on. If you rather drink a cocktail and relax then there are numerous beaches that have lovely beach bars. My favorite beaches are Simpson Bay and Mullet Bay. Both of them are located in the Dutch part of the island.

Mullet Bay is very popular among the locals so you don’t have a big beach bar but a little barbecue spot where you can buy some drinks and some food. Simpson Bay is more touristic, it’s right next to the airport and it has a big beach bar with some comfortable beach chairs.

If you like to be active you have to go to Loterie Farm. Over there you can choose between different activities. One of them is a hike to Pic Paradis, the highest point of SXM. It’s a good hike for beginners with a duration of approximately 2 hours.

Of course there are more challenging hiking and trail routes available, especially in Colombier. If you want to go shopping you have to be in the French part of the island. Over there you will find a lot of cute little boutiques.

What to eat

With so many things to do you will get hungry. There are a few places you have to visit for a nice lunch or dinner. Calmos café is located on the beach of Grand Case. Over here you can have a really nice lunch or dinner with your feet in the sand or in the sea if you want to.

Pineapple Pete is a restaurant which also has a sports bar. So while on holiday you don’t have to be afraid of missing the game of your favorite sports team. The food is good and the staff is amazing. They will do everything to make you feel special.

Pete himself tries to have a little chat with all of his guests. If you are fond of barbecuing, you will have a blast. There are tons of barbecue spots beside the roads, which make everything smell so good. You will get hungry driving down the road for sure.


If you really want to experience the SXM feeling you have to try to stay with a local. The people are really friendly and will make sure you will have a vacation to remember. They are the perfect guides during your stay.

SXM is my home away from home. Even though the island is small, you won’t get bored with so many things to do and see. Live the island life with a little bit of Europe mixed into it.

By Femke van Roij. 



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