Siargao, Philipiness | Surfer’s paradise

siargao philippines

I travel to Siargao at least once a year. Siargao is just such a surfer’s paradise! This is one of my favorite islands here in the Philippines because there are a lot of activities to do in the island like diving, island hopping, swimming in rock pools and cave pools, yoga, partying and of course, surfing!

siargao philippines

This is also a great island for backpackers! The people who travel here stay for weeks and months because everything is cheap and affordable.

Whenever I go to Siargao, I would always stay at Lotus Shores. It’s a yoga lover’s paradise. Lotus Shores is perfect for soul searching, meditation and yoga. Did I mention they have the best vegan food? You just have to try it!

Things to do siargao philippines

There are a lot of places to go here in Siargao.


Things to do siargao philippines 2

Only 45 minutes away from General Luna is the wonderful rock pools. This is one of my favorite places to go swimming. The cold and clear blue water is just perfect for taking underwater pictures.


Only a few minutes away from the rock pools is the beautiful Tayangban cave pool. Perfect for cooling down and getting a fresh bath from the cold fresh water of the cave pool.


Naked Island

This is one of the first stops when you go island hopping. Naked island an island with no trees and structure, nothing but sand in the middle of the ocean. It’s best to go here when it is high tide.

Daku Island

Things to do siargao philippines

This is my favorite island! Whenever we dock in Daku, I grab my snorkels and flippers then go straight to the water! I love taking my underwater pictures here the most because the water is so blue and there are not much reefs here. We usually have lunch here because there are locals here that can cook your food for you.

Guyam Island

We usually make this our last island to visit because this island is perfect for sunsets. In my experience so far, the best sunsets I’ve seen are in Guyam island. The pinkest sunsets and the perfect clouds.

Cloud 9

This is where you can go swimming, surfing or if you just feel like relaxing you can watch people surf. This is my least favorite surfing spot because the waves are too strong and there’s so much reefs. Cloud 9 has one of the best sunsets too.


What makes Siargao unique is that, the island is full of surprises! There are so much more to explore! So much things to see and if you’re lucky, you can swim with dolphins, dugongs and sea turtles! White sand beaches where you can be alone and away from all the noise. It has always been my dream to live somewhere like this.

Whenever I visit this island, it feels like home. The people are so kind and amazing! The food is to die for. You’ll never get bored here because Siargao always has something new to offer and I can’t wait to go back!



By Kelsea Swim. 

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