Things you shouldn’t miss in Barcelona

Park Guell Barcelona Gaudi

Before traveling to Barcelona, we weren’t quite sure what to expect. You always see pictures of those beautiful houses with the amazing Gaudi-architecture, the beach, palmtrees and so on. But when we arrived there, we noticed it’s much more than that.

It’s a big, vibrant city with a tropical charme. So here you have our personal favourite things to do, which you shouldn’t miss in Barcelona.

Barcelona Sagrada Familia spain cathedral


There is a reason why places with a rooftop become more and more popular all over the world. Since the sun in Barcelona sets behind the mountains (and not on the beach) the rooftops are the best place to enjoy a beautiful sunset with a drink in your hand.

We stayed at the beautiful “SB Glow Hotel SUP” which even had a rooftop with a pool and a bar, so we didn’t have to go out to end the day in the most perfect way. The rooftop bars in general can get pretty crowded (obviously) so I’d recommend you to either get there early or look for a hotel with a rooftop, just like we did.

Barcelona Spain Hotel view


Park Guell is truly a must-do when visiting Barcelona. That’s when we were kind of disappointed of seeing that half of the monumental zone (that’s the part of Park Guell where you have to pay to enter) was under construction.

But things like that just happen, so we tried to make the most out of it. And tried to make a way through all the crowds to get the typical tourist shot. It wasn’t very easy though, because there have been so many others there, so always remember – getting up early definitely pays off. 🙂

Park Guell Barcelona Gaudi


Just a 20 minute walk (or hike, depends on your sporty condition) from Park Guell, you can find the most beautiful view over Barcelona. The Bunkers del carmel aren’t really a hidden gem anymore, so i’d recommend you again to go there early in the morning. We did so, and were almost the only ones up there in the beginning.

I have been told it’s also a great place to enjoy sunset, but you can imagine how crowded this place gets in the evening.

View Barcelona Spain Bunkers del Carmel


The main streets of Barcelona can get pretty crowded too. Luckily there are so many beautiful side streets (some are even decorated with colorful flags) with the most gorgeous architecture and some cute shops and cafes.

So don’t be afraid of getting lost, it might be really worth it. 🙂

street Barcelona Spain


When i say overeat, i really mean overeat! The markets in Barcelona are full of amazing food. We only visited the (probably) most popular one, Mercat de la Boqueria, which is located right at the main shopping street, La Rambla. We entered the market and where just overwhelmed. So many different smells and aromas. The food was set up in such an amazing way, took way too many pictures of every single detail. But it was just something unlike anywhere else, and so we tasted our way through the Boqueria.

Barcelona spain market Mercat de la Boqueria

We only had 4 days in Barcelona, which surely wasn’t enough. And I could have made the list on this blog here much longer, but I know that reading short blogs is much easier for everyone.
But to finish it off now, here are some more places/things you should really keep in your mind:

  • Eat Paella!
  • Shop till you drop! (stores like Mango, Zara, Pull & Bear are cheaper than in other countries)
  • Watch a football game at the Camp Nou (I actually got my boyfriend this trip as a birthday present, that’s why i’m always talking about “us” in this blog)
  • Visit Sagrada Familia (of course!) and Barcelona Cathedral (go to the rooftop for another great view over the city)
  • Stroll around at the harbor
  • Get a drink and relax at the beach promenade, looking at the famous W-hotel

Can’t wait to get back there and make this list even longer. Until then, I hope you’re enjoying my tips. 🙂

By Julesandaway 



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