South Africa, where dreams come true.

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Things to do in South Africa

South Africa is hot. Nowadays you hear more and more that travelers visit this beautiful country, but what is so special about South Africa? This country has everything you could wish for: beautiful hiking areas, beaches, fine cities, good restaurants, wildlife and countless photogenic places.

I myself traveled from Johannesburg to Cape Town and I thoroughly enjoyed this (road) trip. The following places should not be missed during your trip through South Africa.

Kruger National Park

If you think of South Africa then you undoubtedly think of wildlife. Riding a jeep in search of elephants, rhinos, lions, zebras, giraffes and many more special and beautiful animals. A safari is one of the absolute highlights during a trip through this beautiful, large and vast country.

Safari: Things to do in South Africa

From Johannesburg it is about a half-day drive to the Kruger National Park. You can choose to do this organized or using your own initiative. A tour through the Kruger Park can take one or more days. I myself did a 5 day tour where I also visited God’s window, river blyde canyon and many other beautiful places.

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During the safari you imagine yourself in a completely different world, a world that’s never boring. Nature at its best! Binoculars and a good camera are not a luxury. Enjoy even without a camera lens in front of your eyes. An experience that you will never forget. Especially not when you spot the Big 5.

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Get lost in nature without getting lost. Perhaps this is the most beautiful piece of nature in South Africa. pristine green plains in which you are one with nature. Enjoy the tranquility, the captivating views and the pure beauty that this amazing landscape has to offer.

Drakensbergen is for everyone , the seasoned walker but also for the novice among us. When I visited Drakenbergen in March it was 30-35 degrees, make sure you protect yourself from the sun by smearing yourself well, and perhaps wearing a cap. Also take sufficient water. When the water threatens to dry up, fill it with running water from the mountains. Wonderfully refreshing.


Cape Town

Cape Town is a great city that you must see during your trip through South Africa. Cape Town is a metropolis that will pleasantly surprise you. From dancers on the streets to local markets, good restaurants, beautiful nature, friendly people and so much more.

When you walk through Cape Town, your senses are constantly stimulated, there is so much to do and experience. Visit The Old Biscuit Mill for shopping, enjoy a real African Braai, have lunch and a drink at the Victoria and Alfred waterfront (the heart of the harbor), climb Lions head and go in search of wally’s cave.

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But a must do is to climb the table mountain, via route castle port’ you can walk from Camps Bay in about 2 to 2.5 hours to the top of the table mountain. During the ascent you will enjoy the most beautiful views of Camp’s Bay, Twelve apostles, and Lion’s head. The climb up is not heavy, but make sure you have good walking shoes.

Do you want to be at the top within 10 minutes? Then take the cable car to the tip of the table mountain. Once you’re at the top look out over Cape Town and realize that this is not just a city.

Table mountain cape town

Table Mountain: a natural wonder that is visited by hundreds of people every day, make sure you too become one of them. Your visit to Cape Town is not complete if you have not been to the top of Table Mountain.


Rent a car for your tour. Driving in South Africa is easy to do and not expensive, the roads are passable and it saves you a lot of time compared to public transport. Also make sure that you have an international driving license.

By @Maartenpreusterink



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