Suytun Cenote yacatan Mexico

Mexico has been on me and my boyfriend’s bucket list for a long time. We were excited to see what the Riviera Maya had to offer for us. Here are our favorite places we visited!

Riviera Maya in Mexico Cancun


Cancun is the most known city for America’s spring break. You’ll notice that right away. There’s the Zona Hotelera where all the hotels and party places are located and then you have Cancun itself.

We searched for some beaches in the Zona Hotelera. We found it quite difficult because most of the beaches are part of the hotels. They say that all the beaches up to 10 meters from the water are public but we had some weird looks while passing by. The only public beach we found was Playa Delfines. White sand and clear blue water. This beach was a total stunner.

Zona Hotelera Riviera Maya in Mexico Cancun

We found two amazing places to eat in the Zona Hotelera: The Surfing Burrito and Blue Gecko. Both of them serve delicious food and are totally worth a visit! Go check out their pages.

Cancun itself is a little quieter. It has some malls and cool places to eat. Our favorite breakfast place was Marakamé Cafe. The buffet was absolutely amazing.


For our two year anniversary, we stayed at Habitas Tulum. A place where peace and quiet are the most important things of your day. We were very surprised by the vibe that Tulum had to give. We quickly realized that if we would ever come back to Mexico, we would stay a lot longer in Tulum.

Habitas Tulum Mexico beach

Habitas Tulum Mexico beach

Must sees in Tulum are the Gran Cenote and the Cenote Calavera. The Gran Cenote looks like the perfect ideal place to have a swim. There are many little turtles swimming around as well. The Gran Cenote has the clearest water I’ve ever seen in my life. It blew my mind. So put we put on our goggles and started exploring the amazing underwater landscape.

Gran Cenote Habitas Tulum Mexico

Then there is the Cenote Calavera. It’s a big hole in a rock that is filled with water. It’s a 3-meter jump to the water and there are stairs to get out. You can also go diving here as well!

Cenote Calavera Habitas Tulum Mexico


Yucatan is famous for its cenotes and the world wonder called Chichen Itza. First off we visited Chichen Itza. After getting through the hundreds of sellers, you get to the amazing ruins. It is so beautiful. Just be careful with taking pictures, we quickly got kicked out after using a tripod. In the end, we still got the shot so mission accomplished!

Yacatan Mexico Chichen Itza

After getting kicked out we started visiting all the amazing cenotes. We started off with the Il Kil cenote. The water pit is 50m deep and has many little catfish swimming around. We jumped off the side and enjoyed the amazing swimming pool we found ourselves in.

Il Kil cenote Yacatan Mexico

Next one on the list was the Samula Cenote. We took a swim in the beautiful water! The light from the sun comes in and shines on the beautiful cave. It was breathtaking.

Samula Cenote Mexico Yacatan

Final and most stunning one was the Suytun Cenote. It’s a deep cave and has some sort of red carpet look. We could just stand here and stare for minutes at this amazing hidden gem.

Suytun Cenote yacatan Mexico


A ferry trip away from Cancun, there’s the Isla Mujeres. A small but long island with beautiful beaches and viewpoints. We rented a golf cart for a day and drove around the entire island. On the south point, there’s a beautiful viewpoint where you can have food and drinks.


While driving back up north we came across a place where we could use their pool for free. It was located next to the ocean so we could take a dip in the sea as well. We had some drinks and jumped in the water all afternoon.

Mexico pool

We stayed in the north of the island before heading back to Cancun. The beaches up north are huge and so beautiful.

beach Mexico


One the most fun things we did while being in Mexico has to be our diving trip. We dove to the Underwater Museum and did a wreck dive. The museum is a super cool diving spot and is perfect for a beginner. The wreck dive was a little more challenging but also amazing to do! We totally recommend doing a dive if you ever go to Cancun.

mexico ocean diving

By Alexe Moreels from @mrlsal



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