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This is our first piece of our new series #travelleroftheweek! Every monday we will interview travellers from around the world who inspire us through their travels and their personal stories. This week we got to know Lisanne and Jeffrey from Chapter Travel.

Thank you for taking the time out to answer our questions. Could you give us a short introduction about yourself.

Hi guys, we are Lisanne and Jeffrey from Chapter Travel . We are a Dutch couple, both 26 and obviously love travel. During our first date we actually already knew we would travel together and booked a citytrip before we were even officially a couple. We have just come back from a 1.5 year trip and are now based in Rotterdam. You can find us on Instagram, Pinterest and Facebook (@chaptertravel).

Travel bloggers chapter travel

How did you meet?

We met via mutual friends on a festival! We were friends at first and started dating about a year later.

Why did you start with Chapter Travel and how did you come up with the name?

Lisanne: I have always loved writing and six months before our trip I just figured it made sense to start a blog. Before that time, I never thought blogging would be something I liked. Because I cared way too much what other people thought of me and blogging is really putting yourself out there! Now I no longer care, and I figured it made sense to start a travel website which is both informative and personal.

My intention was not to just share our stories with friends and family to be honest. Mostly, I wanted something to show for once I got back home. I knew we could be away for a year or even two years, and it would be such a huge gap with work experience. Since I just finished my Master study before I left, I would have almost no experience in my field (which is communication). Plus, I love learning new skills and starting Chapter Travel has taught me so many skills!

I just came up with the name when I was brainstorming. It was a combination of adding a bit of my love for reading and writing, and starting a new chapter in our lives that involved travel.

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What is your advice for someone wanting to start a similar blog to yours?

My biggest advice is to make sure that writing is something you love to do. Blogging is so much more work than most people think. Other than that, all the information nowadays is online and you can find lots of guides on how to start a blog! Take the time and do your research. And have patience.

What are the top 3 locations you want to visit?

That is a hard one! We really wanted to visit Scotland and we just did! On the top of my head these are our top 3 locations we would love to visit:

  1. Iceland 2. Philippines 3. Peru

Could you describe the moment you have been bitten by the travel bug?

For both of us it has always been there! We loved travel before we met each other. For instance, Jeffrey did a cool interrail with friends in Europe and I travelled through Southeast Asia for three months with a friend. Both our parents love travel too, it must run in the family.

What is the worst place you’ve travelled?

That’s a though one! We actually can’t think of a place we didn’t like.

What has been your favourite and least favourite thing about living on the road?

Our favorite part: The freedom! That you can do whatever the hell you want.

Our least favorite part: Packing, packing and packing. We get really tired of packing our stuff every other day. That is why we love being slow travelers, so we can kind of get a home base in a location and that we don’t have to move all the time!

What is one of the funniest things that happened on your travels?

Lots of funny things happened! One from the top of my head was when we were in Japan, Osaka and we were walking around Dotonbori, which is one of the busiest streets. Suddenly there was this big show with kawaii girls in costumes performing cute songs and their biggest fans were standing and screaming in front of them. The funny part is that their fans are grown up men! We had already read about this phenomenon in Japan and it was quite amazing to see. Such a culture difference!

Do you have a favorite place in this world?

We both are big fans of Nepal, mostly because of the amazing landscape. We definitely want to go back and explore more.

Would you ever settle down? If so, which country?

Eventually we will settle down, but our goal is to be able to travel whenever we feel like it. So, a home base is ideal to keep our stuff, but if we want to leave for three months we would love to be able to do that. We think we will settle down in our amazing hometown Rotterdam or definitely somewhere in Europe to be close to our friends and family.

Don’t forget to submit your story for a chance to be our #Travelleroftheweek and Comment below if you have more questions for Lisanne & Jeffrey. 



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