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Travel bloggers travelcommunityThis is our fourth piece of our new series #travelbloggeroftheweek! Every monday we will interview travellers from around the world who inspire us through their travels and their personal stories. This week we got to know Cato & Sander from Ourtravelfeed.

Thank you for taking the time out to answer our questions. Could you give us a short introduction about yourself.

We are Sander (23) and Cato (22). We are two dutchies who have been together for 4,5 years now. We have one big thing in common and that is that we both love to travel! Since the moment that we have met we are traveling around the globe. After 4 months that we were together we booked our very first trip to the USA. Since that moment we visited almost every continent.

Almost a year ago we’ve started a travel Instagram page called ‘’Ourtravelfeed’’. We’ve started this page because we want to share our passion for travelling with people who have the same interest. In the last couple of years we’ve travelled a lot in Asia, Europe and Central America. Our passion for travelling in combination with our love for photography is a combination that works out very well on Instagram!    

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Could you describe the moment you have been bitten by the travel bug?

We always had a big passion for travelling. But when we went to Thailand in 2013, the travel virus kicked in. The beauty of the Asian landscape, the culture and all the nice people that we’ve met were overwhelming. We’ve travelled around for 3,5 weeks but after those weeks we just couldn’t get enough. After Thailand, we quickly booked a ticket to Indonesia because we missed Asia. From that moment on, we are using all our spare time to travel around.

How many countries have you been to?

As Ourtravelfeed we’ve visited 15 countries together. Mainly in Asia and Central America.

How do you decide where to go next?

Well, we both have our own bucketlist. Every time when there is a holiday coming up we are looking for the right place to go. This depends on how much time we have and what the local weather will be. We are also trying to discover new cultures and landscapes. Fortunately we both have the same interest and desires, Asia is our favorite destination for example.

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Why did you start with your blog and what do you want to accomplish?

Our focus is definitely on Instagram. Sometimes people are saying that a picture says more than a thousand words, well we totally agree with them. We started Ourtravelfeed just for fun and because we wanted a platform where we could share our travelpictures. It didn’t took long before we were gaining followers and reactions. We get a lot of reactions from people that want to know where we’ve taken some particular pictures. Sharing these beautiful places and photos works very satisfying for us. We hope that we can inspire other travelers to share their experiences as well! If we are able to keep doing this than we are satisfied.

What is your advice for someone wanting to start a similar blog to yours?

Use the same energy that you have for your passion to work on your blog or Instagram page. Everything depends on fun, that’s what we are believing.

How do you make money travelling?

Sometimes we make sponsored post on our account. We are starting collaborations with companies or products that we truly believe in.

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What are the top 3 locations you want to visit?

The last years we’ve visited the top of our bucket list already. We still would like to go to India, the Philippines and Santorini (Greece)

What has been your favorite and least favorite thing about living on the road?

The feeling of freedom and just doing whatever you want is absolutely one of the biggest perks of travelling. Besides that, we are able to see the most beautiful places on earth. Because of this we are building memories that will last the rest of our lives. Our least favorite thing is that every journey comes to an end. Ofcourse we do have to go back to our ‘’normal life’’ at some point.

What is the worst place you’ve travelled?

Nha Trang, Vietnam. This is a city on the coastline of central Vietnam. The thing about this place was that it was complete Russian. After the Vietnamese war, people from Russia built a lot of resorts and hotels. Even the menu’s were Russian. We didn’t liked this at all because everything was focused on Russian tourists. This was complete different compared to Hoi An for example which was a place full of youngsters and backpackers.

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What is one of the funniest things that happened on your travels?

We can’t choose. Every trip that we made was a new experience with a lot of funny moments. The most ‘’funny’’ things that we are experiencing, is because of the difference between cultures.

Do you have a favorite place in this world?

Indonesia. We totally fell in love with this beautiful country. We travelled around on Java, Lombok, and Bali. We are planning to go back to Indonesia on a short term because it has so many things to offer.

Would you ever settle down? If so, which country?

Bali for sure! We do discuss this sometimes, it would be a dream to live on Bali for a certain period of time. The food, the people, the beautiful nature and of course the weather are just perfect. We know that we are going to travel to Bali a lot of times in the future.

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