Travel Video – LAOS: Together We Thrive


The fourth and final travel video from my mini series. Following Morocco, Iceland and Cambodia, here is Laos. From the landscapes I got witness to the locals I got to meet, this country just amazed me.

They say travelling is one of the best ways to grow and whilst true this only occurs if you reflect on the experience and learn from it. After going through hours of footage, this is what Laos and its people taught me.

A good community is the foundation to a happy life. Just walking through the streets you can feel a true sense of camaraderie and togetherness. People stick by each other and love coming together to celebrate life.

I recall hearing laughter over complaints. I recall seeing smiles over tears. And I recall seeing hard work over sorrows.

At a deeper level, it isn’t the community that makes the people of Laos so friendly and happy. It is however the fact that they focus on what they do have, not what they don’t.

They focus on the beautiful community that surrounds them. This philosophy and these values are engrained in kids from the youngest age turning them into friendly and welcoming human beings. We should undoubtedly all model this way of thinking and be grateful for where we are and what we have.

– Luang Prabang
– Nong Khiaw
– Vang Vieng
– Ventiane

By Cedric Jean-Baptiste



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