The Colors of Chile


“Los Colores de Chile”, Chile is one hell of a colorful country, from the green of Easter Island, the Yellow of Atacama to the Blue of Patagonia!

Easter Island! After 4 years of wanting to visit the island, I’ve finally made it and wow, was it well worth the effort! As I was traveling down from Atacama desert through Santiago to Patagonia, I’d seen the wonderful port city of Valparaiso, summited Villarrica volcano in Pucon, hiked the famous Torres del Paine trail in Patagonia and ended my Chile trip at the Easter Island.

Easter Island was definitely the highlight of the trip as you can see in the video. I rented a quad bike and drove around the island for a few days, enjoying the clear sky, lying on my bike under the clearest Milky Way stars I’ve ever seen, watching the sunrise behind the Ahu Tongariki moai head statues and watching the Rapanui people as they celebrate the great Tapati Festival and dance away to heart pounding music. What a way to end my trip in Chile!

I have quite a lot of material to work with in this video and so I was able to experiment around transitions as you can see above. I hope the transition together with the footages will keep you engage throughout the video. Also, if you stick long enough, you might see a few extra clips from my trip on the Easter Island.

I hope you enjoy this video as much as I did traveling through the country!

Location: Pedro de Atacama, Antofagasta, Valparaiso, Santiago, Easter Island, Pucon, Puerto Natales, Torres del Paine – Patagonia

By Pete R.



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