The video is about the best moments of our last Aruba backpacking. It was
made in September, when we spent 8 days in Aruba on a low budget. We were
couchsurfing and using AirBnb, hitchhiking… So tried all the options to
save money. Aruba is really the One Happy Island, the locals are really
kind and helpful, and the color of the ocean? Like a dream!

By Agnes & Laszlo from @work_save_travel_repeat

Check also out their Youtube account for more awesome videos!

2 thoughts on “Your dream island, Aruba

  1. Atowle says:

    Its funny how you went to Aruba in September I was planning the exact thing. But airfare skyrocketed before I finalized my dates. Look like you had a great time! Atowle|

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