Tulum, Mexico – an unforgettable adventure

Things to do Tulum MExico4

Why you should visit Tulum

Tucked away in a secluded part of Mexico is a hippie haven, where the pristine sandy beach meets the jungle. This place has forever stolen a piece of my heart.

Things to do Tulum MExico4Things to do in the heaven called Tulum

Life is so sweet in Tulum. The white sandy beaches are home to seaside bohemian thatched huts, yoga & meditation, healthy whole foods, raw and vegan cuisine and Mayan ruin. On the jungle side, you can cruise down the coastline on your hired vintage bike, stopping into gypsy inspired boutiques filled with dream catchers, brightly coloured smoothie joints that scream tropical vibes, and recharge in the various teepee retreats that provide energy healing and so much more.

Things to do Tulum Mexico 5Bathe in the light

Words can’t even begin to describe the feeling I had while being within Tulum’s presence. It has the most magical, spiritual energy I’ve ever felt, my heart was filled with so much love, gratitude and joy just being there. No wonder consciousness minded people flock here to do some soul seeking and bathe in the light.

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As the story goes, over 66 million years ago an asteroid struck the earth, more specifically the area in which Tulum lies. They say it hit with such immense power that it produced a force field of energy that locals believe still lives within Tulum, creating a wonderful aura of peace and love.

What to do:

– Visit the Ruins of Tulum, make sure you get there bang on 8 am to beat the tourist rush. You will pretty much have the place to yourself.

–  Eat $1 tacos off the side of the road in the main town.

–   Go to Mateos Rooftop Bar at sunset, they also do epic tacos

–  Visit the Gran Cenote and swim with turtles, again take a scooter and get there at 8 am to avoid hordes of people

–   Stop in at Matcha Mama for the most amazing fresh smoothies and juices.

–   Go to Pablo Escobar’s Mansion, now turned hotel. It is epic

–   Eat at El Vegetariano in the city or Raw love on the beach. YUM!

–    Visit the Beach Jungle Gym for a bit of fun.

–     And don’t forget to take some time to just relax on the beach!

Visit Tulum

If you ever get the chance to take a trip to this magical place, enjoy it, respect it, and embrace the energy that is so special to it. I can guarantee you will leave feeling like the weight of the world has been lifted off of your shoulders and a little more at peace with your soul.

Things to do Tulum Mexico 5By @courts_tyler



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