Vikos Canyon – The place for trekking

Vikos canyon 2

It’s a sunny morning, I can hear the birds sing and I can’t resist taking deep breathes that are so refreshing! The adventure once again is ready to begin from the village named “Monodentri”. In Greek, “Monodentri” means “one tree”. The village is beautiful, everything is made of grey stone and it’s so picturesque.

Vikos canyon 2

The narrow road I follow in order to reach MY destination, the village called “Vikos” is also made of stones. I have to be careful with my steps while I admire the view of the mountains and the forests around me.

Then I follow the river. During winter, it’s full of life and water but during summer there are periods that the water is almost gone.

Grey rocks, huge rocks are everywhere around. I can’t get enough of this view even though I have visited this place so many times before. It is my magic place as I use to call it. Rare flowers and herbs are all around me. Unfortunately I don’t know enough of them, so I can’t fully understand everything that I smell or see, but they make me smile and it is more than enough.

Vikos canyon Greece

The next path I follow is the one that the other people before me have created while walking in this area. I follow the red signs on the rocks that I find in my way. They show me the way. It’s time to see Vikos Canyon! Oh I’m so excited! It’s like a balcony where you can stand and admire the whole world.

The horizon, the sun, the birds singing and flying, the river, the riverside, the forest, the mountain, the colors that are so vivid ….and I feel so small. And so emotional. Trekking allows me to calm, to breathe, to find myself and to ease my heart and mind. Gratitude. That’s the right word to say. I open my arms and want to scream from freedom and happiness!

Vikos Canyon is one of the deepest Canyons in the whole world and holds a Guinness record. The length of the canyon is 12 kilometers and the high 1.200 meters.

Vikos canyon Greece

After leaving my favorite canyon balcony view, I follow the natural path inside the canyon, admire everything around me. Music doesn’t come from my phone anymore.

Since the first moment I start my adventure, the music I hear is the music of the birds singing, the river and the water floating and the insects that visit the flowers. I don’t want this to end even though I start feeling tired.

Vikos canyon Greece trekking

The last part of my adventure is the hardest. One hour trekking to reach the village “Vikos”. As I kind of need to climb to follow the path, I can see and hear “Voidomatis” river.

One of the most clear rivers in Greece. Carefully I continue following the path and eventually I’m up. I reach the village. Then, when my breathe is getting normal again I take another look of all this nature’s magnitude and I smile.

It’s time to go back home, to the city of Ioannina that is 30 kilometers far away. The smile never leaves my face.

Until next time, I whisper, remembering the heart-shaped tree I saw while walking. Until next time!

Vikos canyon Greece trekking



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