We got a ticket in Denmark

When I was 20, I decided to fall in love with a place and not a person. I was suffocating at my job, felt stuck and uncultured. I had expectations from society that I wasn’t meeting and a hunger to explore this world. I believed I’d find pieces of myself embedded into the boarders of countries; my dreams nestled into the corners of the undiscovered jungles of this planet.

The first step

In an act of rebellion I drained my savings and bought a one way ticket with a long time friend to tour Europe until my feet or my bank account couldn’t carry me anymore.
With my soul acting as a sponge; thirsting for what life beyond these traditional walls had to offer, I traveled across eight different countries for a month. Yet it felt like it was a whole new lifetime. I was baptized by the culture and felt like a completely different person; wiped clean from the numbness of the 9-5 routine. I feel in love; became addicted, so I kept going. Promising every stone that I stepped on that I would once again find myself wandering the same paths sometime soon.

How Copenhagen got into my heart

The start to our stop in Denmark was stressful; we almost missed our flight and got a ticket on the tram on the way to the city center. Linked to all of the bad luck, I was worried I wouldn’t enjoy what Denmark had to offer us in our short stay. This charming country wasn’t listed as an intended stop on our journey, but with a long layover we decided to cease the opportunity and explore what we could for the time being. However, once I found myself standing in the center of Copenhagen, I was devastated to not have more time to travel through this kingdom. The picturesque streets, soul filling food and overall genuinely happy people stole my heart. The sunshine kissed my skin for the first time in 4 countries and I couldn’t help but wonder if it was possible to just stay and pretend time didn’t exist.
It was a place my being craved to explore. I wanted to know about every crevice of this city and to ingest the history of these streets until they flowed in my veins. The people demanded my attention; their culture sparked a fire in me and lured me to take in every detail.
Denmark Kopenhagen

My future plans

As I kissed the ground goodbye to move onto the next adventure, I promised myself that I’d return; either for good or for much longer. It changed me in such a way then when I came home from my trip, I quit my job, sold everything, and bought a one way ticket to Hawaii (since I am a US native). With plans to go back to Europe with a must needed elongated stay in Copenhagen soon I cling onto my wonder like a little girl and can’t wait to wander down the canal again soon. But in the meantime I’m exploring a new corner of the world and couldn’t be happier with my new perspective on the way I view this world.
By Taylor from @tayloramcallister



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